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Victron Battery Monitor BMV-712 Smart BLACK

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Victron Energy offers 5 years standard warranty on power products*. As authorised dealers of Victron products, we can provide you with instructions for a fast and efficient repair. We rely on our large, worldwide repair network that covers even the most remote areas with fast and fair service. For any warranty, inquiries click the link below and fill out the form.
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Victron Battery Monitor BMV-712 Smart BLACK

Bluetooth Inside 

With bluetooth built-in, the BMV Smart is ready for the internet of things era. With bluetooth being implemented in most other Victron Energy products, wireless communication between products will simplify system installation and enhance performance. 


Download the Victron Bluetooth app

Use a smartphone or other bluetooth enabled device to;

- customise settings;

- monitor all important data on single screen;

- view historical data; and 

- update the software when new features become available


Easy to install 

All electrical connections are to the quick connect PCB on the current shunt. The shunt connects to the monitor with a standard RJ12 telephone cable. Included: RJ 12  cable (10m) and battery cable with fuse (2 m) no other components needed. 


Also included is a separate front bezel for a square or round display appearance, a securing ring for rear mounting and screws for front mounting. 


Midpoint voltage monitoring 

One bad cell or one bad battery can destroy a large, expensive battery bank. When batteries are connected series, a timely warning can be generated by measuring the midpoint voltage. Please see the BMV manual, section 5.2, for further information. 


Very low current draw from the battery

Current consumption: 0.7Ah per month (1mA) @12V and 0.6Ah per month (0.8mA) @24V. Especially Li-ion batteries have virtually no capacity left when discharged until low voltage shutdown. After shutdown due to low cell voltage, the capacity reserve of a Li-ion battery is approximately 1Ah per 100Ah battery capacity. The battery will be damaged if the remaining capacity reserve is drawn from the battery. A residual current of 10mA for example may damage a 200Ah battery if the system is left in the discharge state during more than 8 days. 


Bi-stable alarm relay 

Prevents increased current draw in case of alarm. 


Other features 

- Battery voltage, current, power, ampere-hours consumed and state of charge 

- Remaining time at the current rate of discharge 

- Programmable visual and audible alarm

- Programmable relay, to turn off non critical loads or to run a generator when needed 

- 500 Amp quick connect shunt and connection kit 

- Shunt selection capability up to 10,000 Amps 

- VE.Direct communication port 

- Stores a wide range of historical events, which can be used to evaluate usage patterns and battery health 

- Wide input voltage range: 6.5 - 70V

- High current measurement resolution: 10 mA (0.01 A) 

Additional input to measure voltage (of a second battery), temperature or midpoint voltage, and corresponding alarm and relay settings 


Victron BMV-712 Spec Sheet

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