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  • All-in-one Solution to cover all bases. Every product in our packs is of top quality so you can rely on your gear.

  • We only sell the stuff we would use ourselves. All our batteries have been properly tried and tested so that we can be sure to offer you the best

  • We've got all the extras for your boot, 4x4 or caravan. Whatever you're after, our products won't fail you when you need them most.

We've Got Your Back

MarineBatteryCo. are your one-stop solution for batteries and electrical equipment, perfect to suit the marine environment, camping, caravan, and 4x4 adventures. Our batteries are developed to handle Australia's harsh conditions and have been thoroughly tried and tested. Owned and operated by qualified marine electrical technicians, we have years of hands-on experience testing, installing, and developing batteries. This allows us to offer the best and most reliable products for our customers. We also pride ourselves on good customer service and transparency. If you were to ever have any issues, we’re easy to contact and have distributors all around Australia where you can use your warranty.

Current Specials

We only use products that we would use ourselves, the stuff we know to be the best and most reliable in the industry, and now you can too. At MarineBatteryCo. we want to offer both the best service and the best prices to all our customers, without having to compromise the quality. That’s why we allow anyone to sign up as a trade partner and reap the benefits of discounts on the spot and trade-level phone support. Whether you’re powering your blowdryer or a super-yacht, signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes. Every product you find in our store is a product we would use ourselves in our shop, meaning a product you can rely on.

Become A Trade Partner

We pride ourselves on transparency and a doors-wide-open type of attitude. If you’re looking to get into the marine battery world, we’re here for you. Anyone can sign up to become a trade partner with us for free and get discounts applied right away.

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Who Uses Our Batteries

We have some of the biggest manufacturers relying on us and our products, a responsibility we carry with pride. The “Pulse 200 series” that we developed alongside Superstart Batteries is now the official battery used in all new Riviera, Palm Beach, and Grand Banks motor yachts. The series of powerful batteries are built to handle harsh conditions and perform excellently in high-draining machinery such as yachts. We want to be able to offer the same batteries, prices, and discounts to all our customers, which is why we’ve made it easy for everyone to sign up as trade partners. By doing this you can get your batteries discounted on the spot, whether you’re a single consumer or a retailer.


While we are able to give you both great prices and great service online, sometimes you just want to talk to someone face-to-face. If you’re ever experiencing problems and need to use your warranty or return something, there are plenty of locations all around Australia where you can come in and get your issues sorted out. Our distributors will be able to help you out wherever is closest to you.

  • Reliability

    Our customers can trust us to deliver on the promises we make. Using practical knowledge from 15 years of experience in the industry, we’ll recommend products that we know won’t fail you when you need them most.

  • Integrity

    We want to provide all our customers with quality products for great prices, while always being honest and transparent with what products fit their vision, big or small.

  • Passion

    As experts in our field, with years of hands-on experience, we know batteries like the back of our hands. When you come to MarineBatteryCo. we’ll use that knowledge to your advantage.

Who We Are

With 15 years in the marine industry, and 10 years running our own company, we know batteries and what you’ll need for your goals. With us, you’ll get quality and good value for your money. Our aim is to always deliver on our promises, and never promise more than we can. We’ll tell you the truth, whether it goes above or below your budget.

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