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Simrad NSX® 3009 with Active Imaging™ - 000-15380-001

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Simrad NSX® 3009 with Active Imaging™ - 000-15380-001

NSX® 3009 with Active Imaging™

The future is here with NSX®. Experience the simplicity of our latest operating system, introducing a redesigned charting experience, our fastest-ever auto-routing, and seamless integration for total control of your boat. NSX comes fully-equipped with integrations for Sonar, Radar, and Autopilot Systems.

Crafted specifically for fluidity and ease of use, with NSX you'll spend less time on the screen, and more time on your next adventure.  

Unlock the full Simrad suite 

NSX integrates seamlessly with the full suite of Simrad electronics, giving you full visibility and control across your entire boat. Get enhanced safety with our latest HALO® radars, up your fishing game with our new S3100 sonar module, or take a break from the helm with Simrad Autopilot.

Embrace sonar sharing*

Take your fishing game to the next level with sonar sharing. Add another NSX display to your angling arsenal to double-up and monitor your sonar feeds from anywhere on-board. 

Enhanced third-party integration 

Enhanced third-party integration means the fluid experience extends beyond the world of Simrad. Feel more in control with full support for Mercury® engines, including cruise control, active trim, and VesselView®, with Mercury SmartCraft® Connect, unlocking autopilot features and a split screen interface.

Complete your set-up with support for OmniSense cameras, Dometic climate control systems, and LED lighting from Lumishore

Choose your own charts

For total flexibility, NSX is now compatible with a range of third-party chart providers, including CMOR Mapping, and plenty more to come...*

Big screen, small footprint 

NSX delivers more screen size for the overall footprint of your product, so you can see more and take up less space in your cockpit.

That’s why NSX is the perfect choice for any mid-sized center console, dayboat, or other leisure-activity powerboat. 

Connect the Simrad® App 

Take your boating adventures home with you, using the Simrad Companion App. By pairing your smartphone with your NSX, you can pre-plan trips, review tracks, plot Waypoints, and sync directly to your device.

Functionality in all conditions 

Even the touchscreen on NSX is built for adventure. With SolarMAX IPS technology, you can view the display at any angle, in direct sunlight, and with polarized sunglasses.

Key Features

  • Sonar sharing
  • Full Mercury Integration, inc. SmartCraft® Connect and VesselView®  
  • SolarMAX IPS HD touchscreen with extreme viewing angles 
  • Compatible with Active Imaging, featuring CHIRP, SideScan, and DownScan Imaging
  • Compatible with C-MAP® DISCOVER™ X AND REVEAL X charts 
  • Support for additional charting, such as CMOR, Florida Marine Tracks, Strike Lines and Standard Mapping *US Only – to come in 2023* 
  • See near and far with full HALO® radar support 
  • Easy autopilot integration 
  • Excellent third-party integration, inc. CZone®, OmniSense, Dometic, Lumishore and more...  
  • Simrad® App integration 
  • Wireless connectivity, plus full Ethernet, USB, and NMEA 2000® networking capability 
  • IP Camera video support  
  • New Setup Wizard to get you up and running quickly

Whats in the box:

    • Power Cable, 4-Pin
    • GO12 / Vulcan 12 Bracket Accessory
    • Suncover for NSX 3009
    • Suncover for NSX 3012
    • NSX 3009, Vulcan2 9" Dash Mounting Kit
    • Gimbal Bracket, NSS7 evo3, GO9, Cruise 9, Vulcan 9, Zeus³ 7
    • Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transducer
    • Zeus S corner clip accessory


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